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Range Rats

What is a Range Rat?  Well, I was one!  It all started when I really made a decision to improve my golf game.  I was tired of getting spanked by my buddies at golf when I knew I should be better...at least better than them.  I started with a large bucket after work once or twice a week.  I started to see some improvement, but not enough.  Before I knew it, I was on the range at least 4 days a week and up to 6 days if I could manage it.  

I will never forget the first time someone called me a "Range Rat".  I looked at him like he called me some horrible name.  "Excuse me?" I said.  He then went on to explain that a range rat is just someone that spends a lot of time on the range working on their game.  Well, that was me.  I purchased an unlimited range package to help with the expense of hitting all those balls...or I guess you could say I was just paying rent at my second home.   

Checkout Dubsdread's great range deals before you buy your next bucket.  We also have an award winning Learning Center to help improve your game!  

The Range Rat