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Student Testimonials

We are proud of all our students. Our goal is to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere so each student can work to be the best player they can be. Here are just a few things our students are saying about our golf instruction programs:

"I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for all the help with my golf game. The Tee It Up Lesson Series is the best approach to golf instruction I've ever seen. The holistic nature of the class - irons, driver, chipping, putting, driving-range practice, course practice, etc - has helped me to not only strike the ball better, but play a better all-round game. The fact that the class is spread over a number of weeks has helped to develop improved consistency. I also really appreciate the low price point considering the current economic times. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future."
Jesse Baker - Orlando, FL

"I was about to give up on ever being good at golf when I came across Steve's group classes. I thought I would give them a try, and I was not disappointed. He keeps the class fun and non-intimidating, and he has the patience of a saint. He has even helped me find the clubs that are the best for where my game is at right now. With all his help, I’ve been able to shave strokes off my game. He has made me confident that if I continue to work with him and practice on my own, a sub-90 round is within my reach!"
Josh Meyers - Orlando, FL

"I can’t say enough good things about Steve Brewer and the golf program he is creating at Dubsdread. Steve is great to work with, a good teacher, a patient person, and someone who knows how to make the learning process interesting. As a beginning golfer, I feel like I have established a good foundation in the Tee It Up Program. I look forward to continuing to take lessons at Dubsdread and transforming into a more advanced golfer with the help of Steve and his staff."
Melanie Griffin – Orlando, FL

"I came to the Tee It Up Series, taught by Steve Brewer, expecting to improve on some of the game’s finer points – chipping, putting, club selection – the things that are key to achieving a lower score. Not only did I get that, I realized that a lot of what I thought I was doing pretty well actually left a lot of room for improvement. In only a few lessons (with practice on my own in between) I had my entire swing mechanics analyzed, deconstructed and revised; had my equipment evaluated, critiqued and improved; and generally learned to get out of my own way and enjoy golf by setting realistic expectations. Steve’s gregarious nature is infectious; it’s hard to beat yourself up about a bad shot when you’re around a guy that loves his job so much. This is not to say that Steve treats you with kids’ gloves or tells you what you want to hear. On the contrary, he is honest and candid and pushes you to be as good as you can be – all with a smile. I would not hesitate to recommend Steve as a golf instructor for golfer’s of all skill levels. He even was even able to teach my wife some things. If that’s not evidence of a great teacher, then I don’t know what is!"
Earnest Deloach – Orlando, FL

"Having only started playing golf very recently and having been unable to hit the ball in a manner that one could call it a golf swing, I realized I need serious coaching and thus engaged Steve. In just a few months Steve was able, through patience and diligence, to help me develop a real golf swing and thus allowing me to play a round of golf achieve my lowest scores ever. Through Steve's excellent help I am now able to hold my own in our company golf tournament, get more enjoyment out of the game, and lower my score."
Andre Thomas – Orlando, FL

"Steve, thanks so much for the great class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much. The time passed too quickly. Although I was (am!) a beginner, I never felt embarrassed or intimidated. I think you have the ability to make ANYONE a better golfer!"
Susan Fortini – Orlando, FL

"Thanks again for all of your help at the lessons. You managed to turn golf lessons into a complete learning experience that was fun. Can't wait to continue on!!"
Denise Blau – Altamonte Springs, FL

"Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying learning the game of golf from you. Your positive, patient and persistent manner of teaching golf has made me a lover of the game. My husband is grateful I have found a teacher of your talents so he may relax while I play with him!"
Robbye Schroeder - Orlando, FL

"I´d like to say thank you for all your efforts to show us how to play golf . You’re a great instructor that we will recommend to everybody who wants to have fun and wants to learn to play golf. We intend to come to Dubsdread again next year to attend your golf school again!"
Stefan Engels – Solingen, Germany