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Junior Academy

We are now enrolling Junior Golfers ages 5 to 15 in our Junior Academy programs. 

Junior Academy  

We are launching our new Junior Academy program In September.  Our goal is to give  junior golfers the opportunity to work/progress through our new 3 level program. Our Junior Academy program will start on September 4th 2018 and run to May 23rd, 2019. Our new program has instruction designed for inside and outside lessons, so we will no longer have class cancellations due to weather. With your monthly membership your child can register for up to 5 sessions in their assigned level throughout the month. 


Level 1 $99/Month

In our Level 1 junior classes, we introduce and teach the fundamentals of the full swing, chipping, pitching & putting.  We breakdown the proper set up and movements of each of these shots.  As each junior works their way through Level 1, we evaluate them on their ability to consistently achieve proper direction and trajectory in their full swing shots.   They also have to be able to identify when they should chip or pitch around the green.  Finally, they must be able describe proper distance and direction in their putting.  Once we have evaluated they are able to do all these fundamental skills, they are ready to move to Level 2.


Level 2 $99/Month

In Level 2 classes, we introduce more technical concepts for the full swing, short game & putting.  We also introduce on course play in Level 2.  While one course, we teach each junior the different shot areas when playing a hole, basic strategy and on course etiquette and safety.  We evaluate each Level 2 player by them showing an ability to finish a hole on a regular basis.  They also must be able to demonstrate proper on course etiquette, attitude and safety.  Once they have demonstrated these skills they are ready to move to Level 3.


Level 3 $119/Month

In our Level 3 junior classes, we work on advanced techniques for full swing & short game.  At this level we spend 50% of our time on the range and 50% on the course.  Range sessions are for technique changes; while on course sessions are for on course concepts only.  We also introduce what juniors can expect if they decide to play competitive golf.  Once a Level 3 junior has decided to make the jump to competitive golf, we recommend they move to our Junior High Performance Program.

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Please contact PGA Director of Instruction, Steve Brewer for help determining the best class placement for your junior - Call 407.246.2551 or email.